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Your City of Redmond water rates are comprised of fixed charges and commodity charges.  It is important to note that water rates will fluctuate, particularly in the summer months, due to increased outdoor water use.

Your water supply comes from wells and water purchased from Cascade Water Alliance.  Water from both sources is treated with chlorine and fluoride and is tested for quality on a daily basis.  Your water has been fluoridated at a rate of one part per million. 

Wastewater & Wastewater Treatment

Maintenance and construction of the local sewage collection system is paid through your city wastewater charge.  The sewer collection system transports sewage from your home to a King County Wastewater Treatment facility.

King County is the regional provider for wastewater treatment and disposal.  Maintenance costs for this collection system are paid by a separate wastewater treatment charge on your bill.


Each developed parcel in the City is subject to the stormwater utility charge.  Drainage from most properties enters or impacts the City stormwater system in some manner.  These facilities, which are generally located on City streets, require continual maintenance and improvement.  The stormwater utility supports capital improvement projects for flood control, erosion, conveyance improvements, and regional water quality or detention facilities.

Stormwater Utility Charge

The utility also monitors the health of local streams, constructs habitat improvement projects, and responds to State and Federal regulatory and permitting requirements.   

Information on upcoming changes to stormwater credits:  Stormwater Credits

Utility Ordinances

The ordinances on this page are in pdf format which requires Adobe Acrobat to view.

Water and Wastewater Rates - Ordinance No. 2941

Stormwater Rates - Ordinance No. 2921

Leak Adjustments
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The City of Redmond allows a customer one leak adjustment per meter in any two-year period. For our leak adjustment policy and request form, please use the following link. Keep in mind that leaks are required to be repaired within 30 days of discovery. If a property owner is unable to make the repair with that time period, the City must be notified of the expected repair date or arrangements must be made to have the water shut off.

Leak Adjustment Policy and Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions: Such as "How to check for a leak"

How often is my meter read?
If you are a residential customer, your meter is read every 2 months. If you are a commercial customer, your meter is read monthly.

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