2018 Pavement Repairs

Vicinity Map

Location: Various locations - see vicinity map

Project Phase: Construction Complete

Contact: John Mork, 425-556-2713

Page Last Updated: 09/11/18

Test alternative pavement methods to extend the life of the City’s asphalt paved roadways. Repair asphalt in bike lane areas and where City water line breaks have occurred.
  • Crack seal the pavement to reduce the amount of water infiltrating the subgrade on NE 116th Ave between 160th Ave NE and 163rd Ave NE
  • Repair damaged asphalt:
  • Avondale Road at NE 85th, 88th and 90th intersections (includes green bicycle pavement markings at west side of intersection)
  • 153rd Ave NE and NE 71st Street
  • Redmond Way between West Lake Sammamish Parkway and the bridge abutment (includes rechannelization to add shoulders to edge of Redmond Way)
  • Install a concrete bus pad on 148th Ave NE adjacent to the Rapid Ride bus stop near NE 87th St
  • Preserve the existing asphalt by adding a slurry seal coating:
  • 184th Ave NE from the cul de sac to NE 24th Street
  • 186th Ave NE from NE 21st to NE 24th Street   
  • Rechannelize the roadway on 150th Avenue NE from NE 40th Street to NE 51st Street to add additional bicycle lane segments as well as a northbound right turn lane at NE 51st Street
  • Trench patch on NE 28th between 180th Ave NE and the cul-de-sac